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Welcome to the Grow Cube


What is the Grow Cube?
The Grow Cube is a high performance roadmap for leaders. The Grow Cube enables quick diagnosis of business performance issues, and supports the creation of a robust solution set to address these in order to improve business performance.


Why run the Grow Cube?

“The Grow Cube has been a great way to gain insight into how staff are engaged with the way our Division works. It allowed us to dissect the problems of staff and business engagement, alignment to our common direction and way of working and where our talent gaps are. The process of reviewing the Grow Cube results enabled the management team to get a real pulse check in a confronting but constructive fashion and to establish action plans that have proven successful in moving us forward in meeting our staff’s aspirations and our customers expectations. I commend the Barefoot Group for their expertise in coaching for outcomes and focusing on behaviours and interactions of and between people in our management team and to allow an appropriate intervention. I am personally a more mature manager and there has been a noticeable improvement in the performance of key members of my team.”

- Ian R – General Manager


Run the Grow Cube if you want to cut through complexity:

  • You get quick, accurate diagnosis of issues impacting performance
  • We help you identify simple, effective solutions
  • Clear and insightful reporting that highlights key actions
  • We support you in solution delivery


What you get

  • Online diagnostic tool
  • Bespoke reporting – all included in the price, no hidden costs
  • Face to face debrief with your executive team
  • Benchmarked assessment of your organisation’s health
  • Clearly indicates what you need to invest in to grow your business


What are the Challenges?

The Grow Cube identifies the correlations between the nine challenges and actual performance indicators in your business. We can tell you which challenge to focus on, and how, to maximise performance improvement.


The Barefoot Leader

“The purpose of leadership is to get better results. Leaders are most useful when they are improving outcomes. Everything else that a leader does is an input to this final output, and everything shared in this book is based on this idea.

This book is written for current and aspiring leaders within organisations. The organisation might be your own start-up, a mid-size corporation, a global multinational, a not for profit or a government department. The principles in this book are derived from human behaviour and therefore transcend organisational structure, size and industry type. Where any group of people gather together to achieve an outcome, this book will help the leaders in that group achieve a better outcome.”




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